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Care instructions

Taking care of fresh tattoos is very important during the first few days. To guarantee a good healing process of the wound, you should consider the following:

We cover the fresh tattoo cling film so that the wound is protected from dirt and direct contact with clothes. The film should be removed after about an hour and the tattoo to be cleaned using mild warm water. Apply a thin layer of ointment. Normally the film does not to be renewed. On larger tattoos or e.g. armpits, or in other awkward positions, it is recommended that the first two days new film is used overnight (put on ointment previously).

The fresh tattoo should be gently cleaned about three times a day with lukewarm water and a little soap and then be covered with a thin film of ointment (e.g. Roche Bepanthen or panthenol Ratiopharm). The first two or three days of care are essential. But it also depends on the skin type.

Saunas and baths should be avoided for the first two or three weeks. For the first six weeks, the tattoo should be kept out of direct sunlight (also applies to tanning beds). It is also recommended after healing to protect the tattoo from sunlight. Use a sunblocker in the sun.

Never ever under any circumstances scratch the fresh tattoo. This can cause scarring. Itching is a sign of healing.

In general, our customers have no problems with the healing of their tattoos.

If you still have questions, we are happy to help you.