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In our own interest, hygiene is an important part of the work as it should of course be in a professional tattoo studio.

Do not hesitate to ask questions about hygiene and cleanliness during the visit to a tattoo studio.

At Burning Needles tattoo studio we work according the following processes:

Prior tattooing the work area is cleaned with disinfectant. Spray bottle, lamp cord, armrest etc. will be wrapped with cling film.

The chair or stretcher is covered with new doctor's crepe paper.

Any other items needed for tattooing are disposable products: paint pots, applicator, razor, water cups, etc.

Needles are also disposable.

For about two years now, we use disposable grips as well. This eliminates any cleaning and sterilization of the grips which have direct contact with blood during the tattooing.

Before the motif of your choice is transferred to the body (with a mask, free-hand drawing, or both) the area will be shaved with a disposable razor and cleaned with a skin disinfectant.

The skin disinfection should prevent that germs from the surface of your skin would get to into the bloodstream or into the tissue, and thus the risk of infection is reduced.

To clean your skin while tattooing, we use green soap which is specially formulated for tattooing.

After work, all disposable items are disposed and the workplace and tattoo machines are cleaned with a surface disinfectant.

The colors we use are all approved in Germany and meet „Deutsche Tätowiermittelverordnung”.