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The right studio?

The showpiece of a tattoo artist is his photo album and satisfied customers. Don’t care for templates, since they say nothing about the quality of the work. Take a critical look at the photos. The motif is not the point, as is well known that you can argue about taste.

-> Are the lines drawn crisp and clean?

-> Is there a smooth and even transition in the shades?

-> Are the colors deep and clean?

-> Tribal tattoos: are the swings and splits equally divided?

-> Is the tattoo well placed and has the right size?

Do the photos show that the tattoo artist knows his business and does his style match with your desires? Then perhaps you are at the right place!

Do not choose the Tattoo Studio because of the price. You will wear the tattoo all your life.,

Take your time in choosing your tattoo studio. Ask yourself around to collect information and visit several studios before making your decision.

We hope the best for the choice of your tattoo artist and get a nice tattoo.