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The Burning Needles Tattoo Studio was established in January 1994.

In the beginning, the studio was at “Freie Manufaktur“ in the Hamburg “Schanzen Viertel” district. After a year Tommy was annoyed by all the turmoil in such a big store so he moved into his own small place in Hamburg “Eimsbüttel” where he found a resting place to continue his personal development.

At the end of 1999 business was going good and the place became too small. The studio moved to a larger store at today's position in the Wexstraße in “Hamburg Neustadt”.

For the past five years Tommy the owner and founder of the studio works together with Carmen.

Initially, she was responsible for managing the studio and after some time became his trainee. Since 2015 Carmen is the owner of the tattoo studio and got with Liz a team.

The studio is exclusively for Tattoos. We do not make piercings.

Meanwhile we also sell Buddhist paintings from Thailand in the studio as well.

Under “History” and “Tattoo galleries” you will find even more information about the studio and his tattoo artists.