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At age 14 Tommy got himself his first tattoo. He chose a rose on the chest like the one Burt Lancaster in the movie "The Tattooed Rose" had. After three years of quiet admiration of body art Tommy began age 18 to test his skills in some self-tests. His legs should be the area for training him. After a period of self-experiments some friends were the first volunteers.

Professional tattoo equipment was needed. Said - done. After some difficulty, because it's hard to know what to do and at the time there was no internet let alone a German tattoo magazine, he got the equipment from America.

So Tommy started his tattoo artist career with professional equipment at home. In 1994, the ambitious tattooist decided to move out of his apartment in a "real" studio and was the first tattoo artist in the "Freien Manufaktur" in Hamburg.A big thanks to Toto for this opportunity.

By good contacts Tommy met Mike and Brent Ford of England (The Viking Tattoo Studio, Dunstable) and was able to overcome his initial difficulties in the implementation of the work. Later visits to Brent in the studio helped him improve his technique and test new methods.

In 1995 it was done: The Burning Needles Tattoo Studio moved into its own rooms in Bismarck Strasse in Hamburg to start as a one-man company. Business was good but the place was too small. So in 2000 the studio moved to a larger place, the present site of the Burning Needles tattoo studios: the Wexstrasse. During the entire time Tommy, the founder of the studio and tattoo artist, held to his principles, he does only tattoos - NO PIERCING!!

Important in Tommy's development was the collaboration with Mike Ford (Tattoo Studio Peine) Brent (The Viking Tattoo Studio, Dunstable) and Yohann (Art Cannes, France), which he visited regularly in their studios.

Unmistakable was the growing tendency for Asian tattoos which are his most favorable work.

Since 2015 Carmen is the owner of the tattoo studio.